Friday, September 12, 2014


12.09.2014 will be one of the memorable day for Creative Commons Tanzania in many years to come as they successfully hosted and launched its CC for kids event for the first time as part of the School of Open (SOO) and Mozilla maker party programs that was globally celebrated and launched on the same day .This also made CC Tanzania and Tanzania to be the first country in East Africa to do so for such kind of program this year .

The program officially launched at Academic International Primary School (AIPS)  in Dar es Salaam whereby students at the school got the opportunity to learn how to code , designing animated picture (cartoons) by using open educational resources through the web. The event also marked the launch of three other training programs around ICT empowerment training for unemployed youth, teaching persons with disabilities how to use computers, and training educators on using ICT to improve how they teach their students in Tanzania that will be coordinated by CC Tanzania . and the Open University of Tanzania .

The program which was held at AIPS named ICT for kids coordinated and facilitated by a group of volunteers from the Open University of Tanzania ( first university in the region to offer open and distance learning programs ) and Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology 's Innovation space ( Buni Hub) . Another event of its kind expect to be conducted later October this year .

Below is the pictorial view of the event , ICT for Kids at Academic International Primary School .

One the Facilitator and Volunteer (center with black t shirt) from Open University of Tanzania and Strategic Manager of CC Tanzania ..

Student during the ICT for kids program conducted by CC Tanzania

One of the Facilitator and Volunteer from Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology 's Innovation space and manager of Buni Hub .

Below is the group picture of the students with their facilitators

Taken by Erasmus K. Photography  , CC Tanzania 


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